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Rites of Passage

Naming the age set
At dawn on 25 January 1991, boys of the Ariholi section are given their new age set name, 'Geleba', by Ulijeholi Garana (David Turton, 1991)
Kneeling before the bara (korda koma)
The terru kneel in the shade in front of their elders, who reprimand them. Korda kôma literally means 'piercing [the ground] with the knees (koma)'. Dirokoro, 2010
Whipping the terru
In a place called Diirikorro, the bara age-grade discipline the younger terru age-grade, by whipping them with long withes. ( 2010)
Bride's going away ceremony (tuha)
A young woman called Borana leads her new female in-laws away from her parent's village. She and her closest female in-laws have just sat before their senior male kin to be anointed with white clay, which was also ceremonially sprayed on them (tuha). Her in-laws also carry the gifts she has received from her family and friends, such as pots and a sleeping hide, with which she will start her new life. Ulumholi, 2010
Wedding dance
A Wedding dance. (David Turton, 1970)
Women's coming of age (jone chibin)
Following the birth of the first child, a girl becomes a woman, and the jônê chibin ritual marks this transition. Jônê chibin literally means 'tying (chibin) the mother's skirt', since after her first child is born a woman receives her second skin to wear as a skirt.
Lip piercing
Nga Mokonyi Keketokenno, one month after her lip had been pierced (David Turton, 1969)
Lip piercing
Nga Mokonyi Keketokenno, three months after her lip had been pierced (David Turton, 1970)
A woman wearing her lip-plate
Lip-plates are only worn when a woman milks the cows, serves her husband food or simply when she wants to look her best. This woman has an unusually large lip-plate, and she is supporting the plate with her hand.
A lip plate
A woman usually keeps two or three of these on top of her hut, ready for when she uses them to milk the cattle or serve her husband food. They are also often made to sell to tourists.
Blessing a new bride
Blessing a new bride at a wedding in the cattle camp January 2012
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