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Girke, Felix

Kara Bondfriendship
'Bondfriendship in the cultural neighborhood. Dyadic ties and their public appreciation in South Omo', in Echi Gabbert and Sophia Thubauville (eds.) To Live with Others: Essays on Cultural Neighborhood in Southern Ethiopia, Köln: Köppe, 2010, pp. 68-98.
The Kara-Nyangatom War
'The Kara-Nyangatom War of 2006-07: dynamics of escalating violence in the tribal zone', in Eva-Maria Bruchhaus and Monika Sommer (eds.) Hot Spot Revisited: Trials to Make Sense of Conflict. Münster: Lit, 2008, pp. 192-207.
Place Making in the Lower Omo
'Homeland, boundary, resource: the collision of place-making projects on the Lower Omo River, Ethiopia', Working papers / Max-Planck-Institute for Social Anthropology, 2013, 148, pp. 1-24.
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