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Turton, David

Mursi language
'Mursi' (with M.L. Bender) in M.L. Bender (ed.), 'The Non-Semitic Languages of Ethiopia', African Studies Center, Michigan State University, East Lansing, pp. 533-61 (1976)
Territorial Organisation and Age
'Territorial Organisation and Age among the Mursi', in P.T.W. Baxter & U. Almagor (eds.) 'Age, Generation and Time: Some Features of East African Age Organisations', Hurst, London, pp. 95-130 (1978)
A Journey Made Them
'A journey made them: territorial segmentation and ethnic identity among the Mursi', by David Turton in Ladislav Holy (ed.), 'Segmentary lineage systems reconsidered', Department of Social Anthropology, Queen's University Papers in Social Anthropology, Volume 4, Queen's University, Belfast, pp. 119-43, (1979)
Exploration in The Lower Omo Valley
'Exploration in the lower Omo Valley of southwestern Ethiopia between 1890 and 1910', revised version of a paper first published in Maria Caravaglios (ed.), 'L'Africa ai Tempi di Daniele Comboni', Atti del Congresso Internazionale di Studi Africani, Istituto Italo-Africano e Missionari Comboniani, Rome, 19-21 November (1981)
Mursi language
'Le Mun (Mursi)', in J. Perrot (ed.), 'Les langues dans le Monde ancien et moderne: Les langues de l'Afrique subsaharienne, pidgins et creoles', CNRS, Paris, pp. 335-349 (1981)
Response to Drought
'Mursi response to drought: some lessons for relief and rehabilitation', African Affairs 84, pp. 331-46 (1985)
Looking for a cool place
'Looking for a cool place: the Mursi, 1890s-1990s', in D. Anderson and D. Johnson (eds.), 'The Ecology of Survival: Case Studies from Northeast African History', Lester Crook Academic Publishing/Westview Press, London/Boulder, pp. 261-82 (1988)
How to Make a Speech
'How to make a speech in Mursi', in Peter Ian Crawford and Jan Ketel Simonsen (eds.), 'Ethnographic film aesthetics and narrative traditions', Proceedings from NAFA 2, pp. 159-175 (1992)
Pastoral Livelihoods in Danger
'Pastoral Livelihoods in Danger: Cattle Disease, Drought, and Wildlife Conservation in Mursiland, South-Western Ethiopia', Oxfam Research Paper 12, Oxfam (UK and Ireland) (1995)
The elephant question
'The Mursi and the Elephant question', in D. Chatty and M. Colchester (eds.), 'Conservation and Mobile Indigenous Peoples: Displacement, Forced Settlement and Sustainable Development', Berghahn Books, Oxford and New York, pp.97 - 118, (2002)
The people who take photographs
'Lip-plates and the people who take photographs: uneasy encounters between Mursi and tourists in southern Ethiopia' , Anthropology Today, 20: 2 (2004)
The meaning of place
'The Meaning of Place in a World of Movement: Lessons from Long-term Field Research in Southern Ethiopia', Journal of Refugee Studies Vol. 18, No. 3, pp. 258-280 (2005)
Aiding and Abetting
'Aiding and Abetting: UK and US Complicity in Ethiopia's Mass Displacement', Think Africa Press (4 November 2013)
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