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Regi, Tamas

Coping with strangers in Africa
‘Coping with strangers in Africa: tourism, politics and development in South-Western Ethiopia, Working Paper Number 191, Queen Elizabeth House (QEH), University of Oxford (2011)
Tourism, leisure and work
'Tourism, leisure and work in an east African pastoral society'. By Tamás Régi. In, Anthropology Today, 28 (5), 3-7 (2012)
Reaching out to the World
'Reaching Out to the World: Exchange, Hospitality and Globalisation in Africa'. By Tamás Régi. In, 문화와사회 제15권, 133-163 (2013)
The Art of the Weak
'The art of the weak: Tourist encounters in East Africa'. By Tamás Régi. In, Tourist Studies, 13 (1), 99-118 (2013)
The Concept of the Primitive in Texts and Images
'The Concept of the Primitive in Texts and Images: From Colonial Travelogues to Tourist Blogs in Southwestern Ethiopia'. By Tamás Régi. In, Journeys , 14 (1), 40-67 (2013)
The Anthropology of Tourism and Development in Africa
'The anthropology of tourism and development in Africa: mobile identities in a pastoral society in South-Ethiopia'. By Tamás Régi. In, Int. J. Tourism Anthropology, 3 (4), 302- 324 (2014)
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