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A new look for Mursi Online

In the five years since it was launched, Mursi Online has become the most widely used source of accurate information about the Mursi on the web and feedback from visitors has been consistently positive.


But five years is a long time in the history of the web - in 2007, for example, YouTube did not exist, nor did social media such as Facebook and Twitter and nor was it necessary for websites to work on mobile devices. Some months ago, therefore, we began an extensive redevelopment of the site, to bring it up to date with current standards in website technology and management and to improve its design, content and functionality. We are now pleased to be launching a ‘new look’ Mursi Online, which represents the first  results of this process. Much remains to be done, and we ask visitors to bear with us as we add new content over the next few months. Our hope is that the overall result will be to increase the website’s effectiveness in meeting its original objectives at a time when state-sponsored development, principally in the shape of large-scale commercial irrigation and resettlement schemes, is putting unprecedented pressure on the people and environment of the Lower Omo.

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