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New film on the Mursi screened at two recent European film festivals

'Shooting with Mursi', a DFID/UK AID film made by Ben Young with Olisarali Olibui, was selected for screening at the 30th Cinéma du Réel Documentary Film Festival in Paris (24 March – 3 April 2010) and at the 10th Göttingen International Ethnographic Film Festival (12-16 May 2010).

Olisarali received an ‘Honourable Mention’ for his work on the film from the Cinéma du Réel judges. In Göttingen, he made a presentation on the film at an accompanying three-day symposium, and showed some of his latest footage, illustrating various aspects of Mursi life and culture. Ben Young is a London-based documentary film maker who has made many films amongst groups living in remote rural areas of Africa and South America. He writes as follows of his collaboration with Olisarali: ‘He has natural ability both in front of the camera and behind it. His camera work is excellent and he is able to film things that would not be possible for anyone who was not a local resident. He is both a charismatic presenter and a good writer. When he was given his first video camera he decided to use it to make a record of Mursi life and customs and to film neighbouring groups for a Mursi audience. He believed this would help to bring peace through better understanding. His brother, Milisha, told me: “Oli is the first Mursi to use a camera. We wanted to make a film to show something about our culture because, in future, it may disappear”’.

For more information about the film and the film makers please visit the ‘Shooting with Mursi’ website. To watch an excerpt from the film click here.

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