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Mursi Online: new features and content

We should like to alert visitors to the following new features and content which have recently been added to the website.


Comments: We now have an interactive comments section, accessible wherever you are on the site. Please use this to give us your opinions, advice and corrections; to up-date information on topics already covered; and to suggest new topics and material that might be included.

Oral Texts: We have added a new section, Oral texts, which will be devoted to transcriptions, in Mursi and English, of a wide variety of texts, including myths of origin, accounts of the remembered past, songs, life histories and speeches given at public meetings. This will become, in due course, an online archive of Mursi oral literature. We have started this section with two texts, one consisting of a version of the Mursi myth of origin, told by Bio-iton-giga Konyonomora (Komorajehola), and one an account by Kirinomeri Tuku of his family history. We would be very happy to receive suggestions for new material to be added to this section.

Documents: We have reorganized the Documents page, one of the most frequently visited on the site, to make it more user-friendly, and have added new documents.

People and Parks: We have added a clip from the film ‘Shooting with Mursi’ to the ‘Film clips and video footage’ section. This is the first statement, available on the internet, of Mursi views on the way national parks and hunting concessions have encroached on their land since the 1970s.

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